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How to Heal Damaged Fins on a Mature Angelfish

If you can give the fish with the damaged fins its own tank, that is sometimes the best situation. If not, then you want to avoid keeping them with other mature angelfish. Adult angelfish have a strong territorial instinct and will harass new fish, so moving it into another tank of mature angelfish will seldom work. What I have been doing for years, is to move the injured fish into a tank of juveniles. In such a situation, the stressed adult, will completely ignore the juveniles and the juveniles have no desire to harass a large fish. The small fish also have not yet developed territorial guarding unless there are not many in the tank. I always choose a tank that...

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Selling Fish Online Interview

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with a good group of guys who are promoting the hobby.  They are new at podcasting, but I see some real podcasting talent in this group. I think it's worth subscribing to their podcast and following their work. The topic in this one was 'Selling Fish Online'. I gave some of my experiences and insights into what worked for me, how to get started and what to expect. Though I actually recommend that most keep it as a hobby, for those few "possessed" individuals, you might find this a bit helpful, or hopefully at least a little interesting.  Thanks Robby, Jim and Adam!  Listen to the interview here  

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Recommended Food to Put Some Color On Your Koi Angelfish

We are frequently asked about what we feed our koi to put color on them. It's a complex answer and involves far more than just food, but the food is an important item. First, the mechanism by which koi become orange is not what most think. Angelfish do not produce any pigment in the color range of yellow-orange-red.  They derive these pigments from their foods. Foods that have carotenoids in them are what they need to get any of this color range. Fortunately, most foods have some of these pigments in them, including live foods, frozen foods and manufactured fish foods. So, you ask, "How does genetics play a role in this if it's the food". This is a bit more...

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