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The Many Uses For Foam

There are some items that are used frequently in the average fish-room. We use lots of different nets for several things, various sieves for sorting food sizes, different tools for removing algae,  siphons of all types and lots of other useful tools to get our daily work done.  The thing we probably use most is scrap foam that we recover from our filter-making operation.  We use it for so many things, that I would probably rate it the item I would least want to do without.  This tutorial will demonstrate a few of the things we do with the foam.  Hopefully, you get a few useful ideas out of it.

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Why Quarantine For New Fish Is So Important

Many aquarists know that new fish should be quarantined, but most don't really know what a truly effective quarantine consists of.  The video will go over what we consider the important reasons why you should quarantine and how to do a quarantine that really protects your existing stock.  

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