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Recommended Food to Put Some Color On Your Koi Angelfish

We are frequently asked about what we feed our koi to put color on them. It's a complex answer and involves far more than just food, but the food is an important item. First, the mechanism by which koi become orange is not what most think. Angelfish do not produce any pigment in the color range of yellow-orange-red.  They derive these pigments from their foods. Foods that have carotenoids in them are what they need to get any of this color range. Fortunately, most foods have some of these pigments in them, including live foods, frozen foods and manufactured fish foods. So, you ask, "How does genetics play a role in this if it's the food". This is a bit more...

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Wild-cross Koi Angelfish Project Update

We occasionally get requests from people who would like to see an update on a project.  Wild-cross projects tend to be some that are most often asked about.  I should do these updates more often.  It's not the writing that gets me. It's photography. I used to think that I would love it. Just give me a high-quality camera, which I have, and I will really enjoy taking all sorts of photos. I guess that's not the case. Apparently I just don't have the patience for it. It probably sounds strange coming from someone who has been raising angelfish for 40 years, but if the pictures don't look as good as the subject I will work at it for a while...

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