Selling Fish Online Interview

Author: Steve Rybicki

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with a good group of guys who are promoting the hobby.  They are new at podcasting, but I see some real podcasting talent in this group. I think it's worth subscribing to their podcast and following their work. 

The topic in this one was Online Selling. I gave some of my experiences and insights into what worked for me, how to get started and what to expect. Though I actually recommend that most keep it as a hobby, for those few "possessed" individuals, you might find this a bit helpful, or hopefully at least a little interesting. 

Thanks Robby, Jim and Adam!

 Listen to the interview here


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  • David Thomson

    Steve: As I listened to your interview, I looked over at my exquisite breeding pair of super veil select Kois that I raised from your nickel sized offerings. I have bred them many times and simply cannot put into words my sincere thanks to you for all of your efforts and dedication.

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