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Made from our Pro-Level Reticulated Foam, specifically suited for colonizing nitrifying bacteria at the highest levels in aquariums.

Actual size varies with each filter.

  • Large - range from about 50-100 cu/in.
  • Small - ranges from about 30-60 cu/in.  

The Large can be either 15ppi Blue or 30ppi Black. We send what is ready. The Small are 50ppi Charcoal. 

Comes with lift tube. You must supply the airline.

We ship when you order, so it's your responsibility to avoid weekend and holiday delays. You should try to make sure the carrier you choose will get them from our location (14760) to yours, within 2-3 days. Orders that arrive after 8 AM est, will not ship until the following business day.

When you receive these, make sure to add any water in the bag to the tank. Do not worry about it being dirty. It is full of nitrifying bacteria and you do not want to throw this out or siphon it out with a water change until the aquarium is fully established.

Setting Up Filter: Run an airline to the lift tube. Insert the airline into the hole in the top side of the lift tube and thread it to within 1/2" of the bottom. Then insert the bottom of the lift tube into the hole in the sponge. You can put the filter into any part of the aquarium. If it floats, gently squeeze the air out of it.

Some people cut these to fit inside of power filters. That will work if the fit is tight, but if water can travel around the filter instead of through it, then that is what the water will do and it will not be as effective in establishing your aquarium.

We are not fans of "fish-less" cycling. It seems every time a customer is having trouble cycling their aquariums with our filters, it's a "fish-less" cycle. It's possible some additive in the ammonia they're adding, is interfering with their water test kit readings or is simply doing something to the nitrifying bacteria. Either way, if you add one of our active bio filters, your tank is ready for fish. Forget about adding ammonia first.

Occasionally someone complains that their nitrates didn't go down after using this filter. It's important to know that only ammonia and nitrites are lowered by biological filters. Nitrate will actually go up, which is why water changes are still necessary with all filtration.  

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    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Awesome filter

    Spoke with Steve directly in order to ensure this was what I needed to accomplish my needs. He was very prompt and very professional, very fast shipping and clear directions. Will look forward to doing business with them in the future.

    It didn't do anything to my tank.

    I've had it in my tank for almost 2 weeks now, and I've noticed no change in my nitrates. I doubt this product worked the way it was intended.


    I have been cycling for months, I put this sponge filter in my tank(my nitrites&nitrates was already there) in 4 days my cycle completed I even dosed to 4ppm with Ammonia and my ammonia and nitrite was at 0 within 24 hours! I did this 2 days straight and each time was 0! I’ll be buying more in the future!!

    Large Active Sponge Filters

    As I reviewed yesterday, these are superb! I have 2 large ones in my 40 Gallon breeder tank, but wanted to know how long to leave them in. They are so big, which really helped cycle so fast, but they take up so much space. Should I trim them down to a smaller size to make more space, leave just 1 large on in and remove the other to a different tank? Awesome product and totally satisfied with the results! :)

    Totally Awesome

    I learned about this product from my local aquarium group. I am skeptical to the max about any quick fix claim, but I have been cycling my 10 gallon for 4 weeks, with fish and the parameters are slowly coming down. Mainly having a problem with Nitrites. It is planted. I ordered 2 of the large, black filters for my 40 gallon breeder, and in 24 hours, my readings are: Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 1.0. I have been running a HOB filter for about a week with matrix and it does have some plants in it too. No fish, but after seeing these reading, that is going to change...will be adding them today after some aquascaping. I have to admit this product does as claimed, which is not common most of the time. I highly recommend these active filters. 1 day vs 4+ week is a no brainer! Thanks Angels Plus!