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Email: Please use the contact form below, which we check frequently each day.  If you prefer, our email address is (disguised to stop BOTS) :  info (at) angelsplus (dot) com   

It's a good idea to whitelist our email address because most of our communication about orders go through our shopping cart, and many email providers will flag that server as spam. If you don't receive an expected email, look in your spam folder. 

Consultation: Do you have a general question about fish,  fish husbandry or maybe a disease problem and no one seems to be able to help? Well, maybe we can. We get dozens of questions each day about fish, but unfortunately, we'd be out of business if we took the time to answer these while working. So, if you're stuck, purchase a consultation phone session and you will talk to an expert. Steve will give you his undivided attention to answer your questions to the best of his ability. Steve has over 50 years of intensive experience keeping and breeding many fish species in our 400+ aquariums.  He has extensive experience in treating sick fish, correct quarantine setups, disease diagnosis, breeding problems, filtration, hatchery design, genetics - especially angelfish genetics and many other areas.

Consulting Fee: $15 buys you 20 minutes of consultation phone time.  Buy as many 20 minute increments as you like. Any unused credits can be refunded at any time. Buy Here  After we receive the payment, we will contact you by email to arrange a mutually agreeable time to talk.