Fish Shipping Guidelines

Fish cannot be shipped with Products.  We will not compromise the safety of the fish  by trying to put a product in the same box.  Besides, at the cost of Overnight, it's much less expensive to ship them separately most of the time. If you order products with fish, the products will be shipped separately by the least expensive method. 

We never ship a fish order without confirming your availability to receive them on the expected day of arrival.  When choosing the shipping option 'Overnight', it does not mean you will receive the fish the day after the order is placed. Fish have to be fasted (not fed) before shipping, weather has to be appropriate, arrangements have to be made and there has to be an opening in our packing schedule for your order. All this can take 24-48 hours or longer before we even contact you to arrange a shipping date. We ship Monday through Thursday. You receive them the following day.  If you want a Friday delivery, and UPS is late, then you don't get them until Monday. That is at your risk. 

  • UPS Next Day: Next Day means that you receive them the day after we ship, not the day after you order. Depending on many factors, it can be several days before they are shipped. Next Day is always the best choice and far easier on the fish than any other method.  These can be sent to your door, unless the weather is very poor or if you are very rural.  Then we may request that you pick them up at the nearest UPS Customer Center. The advantage to picking the fish up at UPS is that you do not have to wait for the driver to show up - which may be very late in the day and it is by far the least stressful way for the fish.  Next Day orders are shipped Mon-Thurs with delivery the following day.
  • Priority Mail: From our rural location, this service is very risky, and Live delivery is NOT guaranteed with this service. Priority Mail is also not guaranteed to arrive by a particular day. We are shipping from a rural spot in NY and it can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to arrive. We've even seen it take longer in some situations. Please let us know in the comments section when checking out, if you want this service and we will refund the difference in price. Picking the package up at the P.O. is much easier on the fish than shipping to your door. The hardest part of the trip is the long , unprotected ride to you door, so avoid that at all costs with Priority mail.
  • International Orders: We no longer ship int'l orders. US Fish & Wildlife is too restrictive for us to do it from our location.  If you have a transhipper in the U.S. who will forward the fish to you, we can ship to them.  If you are in Canada, and you can get over the border, you can pick up at the nearest UPS Customer Center.
  • UPS Customer Centers: You can go here to check delivery times, track your fish or find a pickup location.  It is always easiest on the fish to pick them up early at UPS if it's convenient for you.  If you have them delivered to your door.  You must wait around for the driver to delivery them and that could be anytime from about 9:00 am until 9:00 pm.  Most find it more convenient to just pick them up early and get it over with. We do not guarantee fish that are not picked up within 2 hours of when they are available.  The UPS Store locations are also an option for pickup, but be aware that they usually charge for pickup, unless you have an account there.  They are independent franchises and not part of UPS.
  • Shipping Address: It is very important to carefully give us the full legal address for delivery. We have to know if it's a "street, road, ave, blvd," etc. If there is a building #, apt # or Suite # it has to be on the package. It has to be spelled correctly. The zip code has to be correct. UPS will charge $18.00 to correct any of these that is missing or not the legal address given by the Post Office - even if they can deliver it without problem. This charge will be passed on to you. Besides, you do not want live fish delayed for such an easy reason to avoid.