Adult Dark Stripe Purple Mystery Snail

Snail - Dark Striped Purple Mystery

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Small: Dime  size
Large: Nickel to Qtr size:
Jumbo: 50 Cent size and up

We cannot determine the sex of the snails before shipping. 

Dark Striped Purple Mystery Snails  These are very dark, almost black when young. As they age some whitish areas develop and the purple stripes get a bit easier to see under good light.

We are not advertising these as having 'perfect' shells. Some will show some small imperfection like a slight crack or some pitting around the spiral. The older they get, the obvious these imperfections can become.  Small ones tend to have nothing too obvious.

What to Expect - Pomacea diffusa (formally P. bridgesii), these beautiful snails are an apple snail that comes in several color varieties. We will be adding more color varieties in the future. The only plant we've seen them eat is duckweed - which they love. A really big one will grow to about 2.25" in diameter. They lay their eggs in a cluster just above the waterline, so it's easy to control them. Just remove the clusters or keep the water to the top of the tank. Dark Striped Purple (DSP) has a dark foot with purple shell and purple stripes. The Light Striped Purple (LSP) has a light foot with a purple shell and purple stripes. The foot color affects the way the shell base color appears and the shade of the purple. There is a fair amount of variation among adults. The ivory apple snail has a light foot in a clear shell. Keep in mind that shell color changes as they grow. As it grows, the shell becomes thicker and less translucent. The pigments often deepen and change in hue. Large adults tend to have less bright colors (though not always) and shells with more imperfections.

 Diet - They will eat almost anything, but in our experience they must have quite a bit of protein. Many people feed them mostly vegetables and they will not grow as well without higher protein levels. We feed them a lot of Vegetable Discs, Weekender Pellets, and Primal Pellets.   

This time-lapse video shows them eating a few Vegetable Discs that were put in a tank of snails (along with some bristlenose). 

Customer Reviews

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Healthy snails

I ordered one small, dark purple snail and received two larger snails that are around nickel sized. They were already moving around in the bag and were active and eating once in the tank, very healthy. They are not as purple as I thought they would be but I think this is because they are young. Very beautiful and healthy snails. Thank you!

Perfect Purples

Just gorgeous. Eating as soon as I dropped food into their tank.

Customer Service, communication, shipping A+ and then some.

Thank you so much.

Purple Mystery Snails

Great doing business with Snails arrived alive and well. Will definitely being doing business with this company in the future. 5 ⭐️ service!!!


I ordered a dark foot purple and one gold. They all arrived healthy except for some very noticeable shell cracks but it doesn’t seem to bother them. They make a wonderful addition to my tank.

Purple Snails

I ordered four snails (two dark foot purple and two light foot purple) and all arrived alive and well! They’re absolutely beautiful and made themselves at home right away. Very happy with the purchase!