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Pellet - Vegetable Discs Fish Food

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Vegetable Discs fish food have spirulina algae and many vegetables for those fish that prefer greens in their diet.

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. "Bulk" - means it is packed in a clear plastic bag. 


Analysis: Fish Meal, Wheat, Rice Flour, Wheat Bran, Soybean Meal, Wheat Germ Meal, Spirulina, Alfalfa Meal, Decalcium Phosphate, Carrot, celery, Beet, Parsley, Lettuce, Water cress, Spinach, Brewers Yeast, Soy Lecithin, Pea, Dried Kelp, Shrimp Meal, Krill Meal, Vitamins, Minerals, Artificial Color Protein: 30%; Fat 7.5%; Fiber 4%; Moisture 7%

Customer Reviews

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Shane Chesnut
Great products

I always order from Angels Plus and food is always amazing.

Kathy Lesage
Pleco vegetable disc

Excellent food. Does not cloud water. I’ve been using this food for many years.

Kelly Gieger
Snails love these vegetable discs

As soon as I dropped in the tank, they came right to the discs and chowed down! Great food for them! Very happy my snails are thriving! Thank you!

John Michels
Veggie disk

As described and shipped quickly!

Stuart C
Best bang for the buck

The only place I buy these from. Best value. I get them for my plecos but the angels love them too.