Angelfish: Orange Marble
Orange Marble Angelfish - Medium
Orange Marble Angelfish - Medium
Angelfish: Orange Marble

Angelfish: Orange Marble

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Orange Marble Angelfish These have more black than a koi does. When mature they have the tendency to have a more intense, almost reddish, orange color. The amount of orange, white and black varies. No two are the same. 

Click here to learn more about orange color in angelfish.

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    Inventory Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Orange and Black Marble

    All of my 5 angels arrived in excellent shape. The fish are stunning, we have not had any angels like these before. When I entered them into the 60-gallon aquarium, they were immediately the top-of-the-line display fish we needed in our tank. They stand out amongst our electric blue acara and one other bolivian angel we have in the tank. Truely a sight to behold everyday. Sincerely, Ron & Sokha.

    Alan Sutton
    Healthiest and most beautiful angelfish!

    Steve package and shipped my angelfish beautifully! They arrived alert and in unbelievably Superb shape! They are the most beautiful angelfish I’ve ever seen! I will buy more!!!! Healthy!!!!

    T M

    Absolutely Stunning!

    I have Koi Angelfish that I purchased over 6 years ago from Angels Plus and their color is only getting better as they get older!

    I will definitely buy more!

    Orange marble Angels

    Hands down the prettiest and healthiest fish around. Quick shipping and they arrived in excellent condition. Thank you.

    Bobby Miller
    Large orange marble angelfish

    The fish arrived in good shape and were beautiful and were as described...