Fish Guarantee

You can expect us to do our best to get the fish to you in good shape. 

We will assure you of the following:
  • That we will notify you before shipping your fish.
  • Live delivery will be Guaranteed, even if the fish are late (unless it's due to the customer's fault). If we can't guarantee a particular order we will notify you otherwise in advance of shipping. Any late-delivery refunds from the carrier are kept by us, unless you agree before shipping, to accept full responsibility for any DOA fish.
  • If the fish arrive dead, it is our decision whether to refund the price paid for the fish or to re-ship them. Shipping costs are not refunded. 
  • A Guarantee that the fish we send will not have deformities and will represent the strain you ordered.

What We Expect From You

Getting fish in good shape and keeping them that way is a 2-way street. You must also do your part. Here is what we expect from you:

  • To be there when the fish arrive, even if the carrier is late. If you choose to not start the acclimation as soon as they arrive, we will not guarantee them. If picking them up at UPS, we expect you to pick them up as soon as they arrive. You have to track them frequently to know when this is. Our live delivery guarantee ends after they've been at UPS for 2 hours unless the problem was with UPS. UPS will not notify you when your shipment arrives, though you can sign up with them to receive emails or texts about delivery notices.
  • To notify us immediately by phone or email if there is any problem or concern with the fish. We actually give you 2 hours after delivery, but we expect you to notify us right away. The 2-hour window starts when UPS tracking says it's been delivered. When the fish have been scanned in at a UPS Customer Center and held for pickup, UPS will usually list it as "delivered".  Leave a message if you can't get in touch with us. Do not ask for a replacement fish or refund if you do not follow these guidelines.
  • That you will acclimate the fish according to our instructions, which are both online and in the box with the fish.
  • If the fish dies, you will save the fish and email us a clear photo of the dead fish with its tail cut off. As an alternative you may dry the fish out (salt it for a few days) and then mail it back to us. Do not dispose of any dead fish until we verify that the photo is clear or we receive the dead fish in the mail. There will be no refunds without clear evidence of a dead fish - no exceptions.

What We do NOT Guarantee

  • That you will have the knowledge or experience to properly care for them. This means that they can get sick or die under your care, especially if you do not quarantine them properly.
  • Their adult size, shape, fins or color. Stress or poor conditions can affect any of these areas greatly as they grow.
  • That they will breed under your care, or that you will keep them alive.

In other words, we don't guarantee results. We will send beautiful, healthy fish, but it is up to you to keep them that way. Not everyone will.