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Angelfish: Select Koi

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Select Koi Angelfish have no more than 25% white on them when we ship them. This can change while in your possession since orange can fade under stress. Please realize that many use the word 'red' to describe their fish. There is no red on any koi. They are clearly orange. Some adults may get a reddish hint to the orange, but that is the best it gets. 

The Grade AA Select Koi have the same average coverage of orange, but greater intensity.

Check this page out for groups of fish where you actually receive the fish in the photos:  WYSIWYG  fish page. The koi on the WYSIWYYG page are those with the most intense color. 

This is a hardy, colorful strain of Koi Angelfish

  • Live Delivery Guarantee!
  • Bred and raised in a 100% disease-free hatchery
  • Selectively bred in our hatcheries for over 40 years!
  • Meticulously culled so only the best shaped, fast-growing fish are selected

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  • Prompt reply and attention if you have any trouble with the delivery. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Jason Carmichael
Amazing Angels

Every fish arrived healthy, colourful, robust and looking for food despite a very long plane ride. I'm completely satisfied and would recommend without reservation!

Suzanne Levin
The Color wasn't like the picture but healthy fish

The fish came a lot less orange than the pictures. But either way its a good and healthy fish. Would recommend, but don't be fooled by the images.

Dustin McCrary

In my years, I have never seen angelfish like this. They are amazing. So healthy and such great eaters. They came in stress free from shipping and started eating the next day. Buy with total confidence!

Dime/nickel size EXCELLENT for price

25$ for a full body orange is a steal. I ordered 2 and they are more orange than the 100$ super red adult I bought from discususa. Both were about nickel size and are growing fast. I will buy from angelsplus in the future.

Kristopher Kidd

I won’t leave much of a review. For a website to ship fish and have all 5 stars says enough. Everything from start to finish was great.