Albino Dantum Juvenile Angelfish
Albino Dantum Juvenile Angelfish
Albino Dantum Angelfish Pair
Albino Dantum Angelfish Juveniles

Angelfish - Albino Dantum

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Albino Dantum Angelfish: This strain is very beautifully shaped. It has been widely claimed to be a cross to an Altum, but that is not really known. However it was created, it ended up a a real asset to the angelfish hobby.

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Inventory Last Updated: Apr 09, 2020

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

very nice looks good in tank

Superb albinos

Excellent, healthy albino angels. Best I've ever had. Steve is very helpful and certainly knows what he's doing. Great job.

Happy to hear that you like them! Thanks,
Just what I hoped for

It's so hard to find perfectly formed albino, so I was thrilled when these arrived.