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Swordtail Fish

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 Ruby Red Swordtails - We are now offering the ruby red swordtail, which has the color in all its fins and it tends to be more intense than most swordtails. The juveniles are both hi-fin and standard fin. Each group of six, will have 3 hi-fins in the group. Typically, you want to breed hi-fins to standards, since homozygous hi-fin is delaterious (fry will not live). Hi-fin is dominant, so 50% of offspring from a hi-fin/standard pair will be hi-fins. 

We will try to put both males and females in each group, but with young fish, sometimes the female-looking ones can develop into males as they grow.


Piebald Swordtails: This is a rarely seen variety. They are a combination of a bluish-grey and reddish-orange color, randomly distributed on the body. This piebald trait gives great variety in the expression of these colors.

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The Swordtail Fish was produced with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy.

Inventory Last Updated: May 22, 2024

Customer Reviews

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Larry Li
Pair of red brick

Received my pair of red brick yesterday. I am impressed by their body size and color, especially the male swordtail. He is a wild monster!

Izhak K.
Red Brick Swords

Excellent quality. Male's swords not fully developed but have large bodies for sword development stage which indicates large bodies at maturity.

cecil grimes
A pleasant surprise!

The angelfish and the tuxedo swordtails arrived in perfect condition and all were beautiful. But the swordtails were spectacular!! We do not see swordtails like this at stores in NYC anymore! They are well worth the price. Can you offer them for sale as trios?

Charles L.
Good Quality Red Bricks

I ordered 4 pairs of the "red bricks", not expecting to get the original, now virtually extinct, strain, but hoping for good quality, robust fish. I wasn't disappointed. I'm especially pleased with 2 of the males, as they're very robust, high-shouldered fish that haven't even fully matured. Once full grown, those 2 males will be huge! I believe that one of the wild Xiphophorus species crossed into this line is X. mayae, which would explain the size.

Pete C.

These are the most vigorous swords I've ever had. Also the biggest!