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Guppy - Red

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Red Guppy: We are shipping guppies that are between 2.5 and 6 months old. A trio is one male and two female guppies.

We have worked with various lines of red guppies for decades. It's one of the most popular varieties in history. We strive for fish that conform to IFGA show standards.

6-7 month-old Red guppies in the video.


Tank of pet quality below:

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Life is too short to live without the Guppy - Red. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Customer Reviews

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Mark C
Guppies arrived in excellent condition!

Guppies arrived in excellent condition. Slow acclimation is strongly recommended. They did take 24-48 hours to acclimate (were not happy, not surprisingly, for the first day or so). All survived and a female has already released offspring. Beautiful red strain - especially with live plants as a background!

Alexander J.L Smith

Recieved my order of guppies and they looked better than the video. Extremely pleased!

Donald Bledsoe

Great fish, shipped well, high quality!

Thanks you.

shelley elsberry
Gorgeous and healthy!

What more could you want?

Herb Peacock
Red fancy guppies

I purchased 2 pairs of Red Fancy Guppies which arrived promptly at my UPS store in Central Iowa two weeks ago. Already have the first batch of fry. The males are gorgeous and all of the fish are active and healthy.

I wish they had more guppy varieties to choose from.