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Many call these "Super Red"  😉 In real life, these are a nice orange bristlenose pleco (I have no idea how someone ever named them super red or even red for that matter, but they did and it stuck). Even so, they are distinctly more orange than Albino types. These do tend to get a bit of brown speckling creeping in as they get older.  Reds grow quite slowly, so it takes a bit more time to get them to selling size.   If you cross a longfin with a standard fin bristlenose you will get approximately 50% longfin in the offspring.

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The Bristlenose - Red was produced with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 07, 2022

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Dennis Bernson
The fish got shipped to a different Depot.

The fish were shipped to a different Depot. I drove to Romulas (about 20 miles) No fish they had been sent to Detroit. I drove back home (20 miles) and the fish were on my porch. The fish were all alive and are all busy cleaning tanks.


Never bought fish on the internet before. Fish arrived in perfect condition and are thriving in my aquarium. Couldn't have been a better purchase.

Stunning !

Healthy, active & so beautiful ! Survived the shipping with flying colors !