Super Red Bristlenose Ancistrus

Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose Large Super Red Bristlenose
  Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose

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These are a nice orange pleco (I have no idea how someone ever named them "super red", but they did and it stuck). Even so, they are distinctly more orange than Albino types. These do tend to get a bit of brown speckling creeping in as they get older.  Reds grow quite slowly, so it takes a bit more time to get them to selling size.   If you cross a longfin with a standard you will get approximately 50% longfin in the offspring.

Super Red Pairs

Super Red Bristlenose Breeders
Super Red Breeders

Sold Out

You will receive one male and one female.

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These are cave-spawners. If given a tank to themselves and ample food, they are fairly easy to breed. Males can be aggressive towards each other, so one breeding pair per tank is best. They are not vegetarians. They are omnivorous and need plenty of protein in their diet. We start them on algae wafers and our Fry Starter formulas. They also love to chew on driftwood, making it a good idea to include some in their tank.

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Came fast, healthy and spawned three days after they arrived. Highly satisfied.
Thomas, Sun Jan 20, 2019
received may 1 alive and frisky, but didn't seem interested in spawning. then I replaced the flowerpots with pleco caves from angels plus, and they couldn't wait to start crawling over each other to get into the cave to mate. Now I have quite a few fry crawling around, already showing a strong orange color.
greatUnknown, Sun May 28, 2017
Not enough good things to say about the lovely pair of super reds I received. Very healthy, happy, active and unbelievably beautiful! I've had many fish shipped from all over the world, and no one has done a better job. Very caring, and responsible! Customer forever!
Christine O'Roark, Thu Dec 29, 2016
Ordered Super Reds as well as some Blue Eyed Plecos. The fish came in looking amazing and the packaging/shipping was outstanding. These guys really care for their customers.
Matt L, Wed May 11, 2016
Fish arrived all alive and well and even with a bonus extra fish! So happy i chose to buy off of Angels Plus.
C.J. Wink, Wed May 27, 2015
I'm real happy with the longfins. The color is very good and they are extremely active. Thanks,
Frank Mattison, Wed Apr 22, 2015
My pair or red brislenose spawned within a week - I couldn't believe it. Great pair, thank you.
Dave Mancuso, Wed Dec 17, 2014
I love the longfin reds. Their fins are amazing.
David Schneider, Fri Nov 14, 2014
These are the nicest plecos I've ever received. Healthy, colorful and eating like little pigs. Super transaction.
Mark Ferrucci, Thu Aug 28, 2014
I received the 8 Super Red Bristlenose Ancistrus today via FedEx. The packing of the fish was first rate, not a drop of water and a clean smell upon opening the bag. The fish were all colorful and extremely lively. This was a fantastic transaction from start to finish. Thanks Steve!
Ned Little, Fri Aug 09, 2013
I bought these fish a month ago, and now i am buying more. They're really healthy and actually breed for me the first week.
Hunt Nguyen, Tue Jul 30, 2013