Sodium Thiosulfate Crystals

Dechlorinator: Sodium Thiosulfate Crystals

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Sodium Thiosulfate: This is the active ingredient that removes chlorine found in a large number of chorine removal products. So, if all you need is cheap chlorine removal, this is the product to use. It can be overdosed without harm. In fact, it is a very effective Redox Reducer, eliminating oxidizing free radicals from the water. Overdosing is actually a good thing. Does not remove chloramines. If you have chloramines, it will break the chlorine/ammonia bond, leaving the ammonia to be handled by your bio filter.

Dose: Dissolve 1 lb of crystals into 1/2 gallon of distilled water and then use this solution at 1 drop per gallon of tap water to dechlorinate the tap water. 

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Mixed a batch in a jar and it does remove the chlorine. Much cheaper than buying stuff at the store. Thanks!

Dechlor crystals

Worked great and saves $$$$

Kenny Morris

Wow, wish I had found this years ago works great. It’s a fraction of the cost of commercial de chlorinators. Will be ordering several more.


Product works awesome for its intended purpose, there are things you might need to know about your water source, but this website explains so just read

David Fredieu
Sodium thyiosulfate

If i used anything else to dechlorinate all the water changes i do, i'd spend more than i make...truly my go to for water trtmt...