Red Ramshorn Snails

Snail - Red Ramshorn (Group of 20)

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Red Ramshorn The red variety will breed true if you keep them separate from the other colors. They are amazingly bright colored and really add to a tank - much better than the brown variety. They've never eaten any of the plants that we keep. They lay their eggs in adhesive patches underwater, so they will generally multiply very rapidly if given enough food. They are fairly easy to control by simply putting in a piece of lettuce at night and then removing it in the morning.  Most of the snails will attach to the lettuce.  They are also readily eaten by clown loaches.

Snails are very hardy and can handle cold quite well, but they will die if the temperatures get much below 20 F. They will also not travel well if the box gets much above 90 F for too many hours. 

  • "Caution, PLEASE READ": We pack them well, but they will not handle below freezing conditions or extreme heat for long. Night-time lows and day-time highs are both important. You should check our weather also (zip 14760). Generally they ship well in temps between 20 F and 85 F.
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  • Preferably, have them sent to a place where they will not sit in the sun or freezing temps. PO Boxes are good. Business addresses are good. Mailboxes outside are not a good idea unless you're sure to get them out right away. If they sit in the sun for a long time, they they can get too hot.
  • We caution people to be leery of ordering from anyone who just wraps them in wet paper towels. That is a very stressful way to ship snails. We put them in water, which moderates the temperature and greatly increases their odds of being in good shape on arrival.