Red Ramshorn Snails

Snail - Ramshorn (Group of 20)

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Please choose a shipping method that will get these to you within 2-3 days. Keep in mind that any delivery times from the Post Office are just estimates. They are often times slower. It's best to order snails at the beginning of the week, not past Tuesday.  We will refund any snails that are DOA, but we will not refund any shipping costs. Email a clear photo with all snails in one photo with the trap door visible. Take the photo with the snails out of the water)

Ramshorn  Red and brown color variants and occasionally a blue. They've never eaten any of the plants that we keep. They lay their eggs in adhesive patches underwater, so they will generally multiply very rapidly if given enough food. They are fairly easy to control by simply putting in a piece of lettuce at night and then removing it in the morning.  Most of the snails will attach to the lettuce.  They are also readily eaten by clown loaches. 

The Snail - Ramshorn (Group of 20) is one of our favorite items. We think you'll love it.

Inventory Last Updated: Apr 21, 2024

Customer Reviews

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Robert Driver

Needed feeders for my assassin snails as all my LFS were out. Was thrilled to receive so many, either way more than 20 were packaged or the snails gave birth during shipping- or both! I now have a nice supply for my assassin snails for a while.

Christian T.
Alice and Movinnn

These Ramshorn Snails are super active in my tank. They are definitely eating a good amount of the Cyanobacteria that I’ve been trying to get rid of for weeks 👌🏼

Ralph Polinski
Snail - Red Ramshorn (Group of 20)

Snails were abundant and very healthy. My MBU and Terrapins had a nice chow for 3 days.

Richard Bartlett

My purchase was a small and very inexpensive one but was handled professionally with an overcount. Many thank yous.

Erin Nelson
So many snails

Ordered 20- got WAY more. All in great shape- no DOAs, likely due to being packed so well. Very pleased with my order.