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Pellet - Weekender

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Weekender Pellet has many uses. It is hard, very stable and nutritious too. The typical white calcium encrusted weekend feeder is very inferior to this feeder. The Weekender will last a couple days without fouling the water. It can be used as a weekend feeder or a food for animals that don't easily compete. We use them heavily in our Apple snail tanks. The snails will actually out-compete fish for these. Our bristlenose love them too and you don't have to worry about more aggressive feeders getting them first. If you like keeping really large fish, this is a great daily food. Its 9mm size will attract even the largest of aquarium fish.

This pellet is very high in calcium making it great for snails and fancy shrimp. It's also very stable in water without fouling.

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. 

Ingredients and Analysis

Analysis: Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Soy Flour, Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Brewer's Yeast, Fish Oil, Alfalfa Meal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Ethoxyquin. Min. Crude Protein - 40%; Min. Crude Fat -7%; Min. Crude Fiber - 3 %.