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Antibiotic I: Designed to primarily stop infections from gram-negative bacteria. We use our Freshwater Fish Flake Food for the base formula on this flake. It has added garlic.  Feed this medicated fish food exclusively for 10 days.

Active ingredient: Kana mycin Sulfate. Now contains beta-glucan. It is water-soluble, so the Proper Feeding of Medi-cated Fish Food is a must-read. We recommend feeding our Prevent & Recover Fish Flake for 1 week after the medicated feeding is discontinued. For ornamental fish use only.

Antibiotic II: To complement our other antibiotic flake, this one attacks gram-positive bacteria. Since your nitrifying bacteria are also gram-positive, using medicated fish flake food is by far the best way to combat this type of bacteria. Feed this fish food exclusively for 10 days.

Active ingredient: Oxy tetracycline Hydro chloride. Also containing beta glucan for immune boosting. This is water-soluble, so the Proper Feeding of Medicated Fish Food is a must (See Article section of Tabs).  We recommend feeding our Prevent & Recover Flake for 1 week after the medicated feeding is discontinued. For ornamental fish use only.

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. 

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Customer Reviews

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Teresa Martinez
Saved my flocks feet

I had a chicken that started as an open cut on her toe and progressed despite constant soakings and clean outs. The area had gotten so large I was afraid it would spread to the muscle tissue, of course I ended up checking my entire flock for bumble foot afterwards. I ended up with 7 hens that had bumbles (starting, and progressing worse and knew they needed to be cut out) I ended up finding this blog with the link to this antibiotic treatment. At this point I had nothing to lose- I started it 9 days ago, and this has been amazing. With persistent soaking and bandage changes, the antibiotic has almost helped the bumbles come out as the wounds are all now healing from the inside out! I am so relieved and if I could give this 10 stars I would. I feed 2x a day mixed in rice and banana for my flock that have the infections. 5 out of my 7 are completely healed and bumbles popped out! 2 still squeezing matter out, and my cut toe girl, the swelling and redness is down and we finally, FINALLY got the sac to break and the infection is coming out! Thank you for your product!! 🙌🏼🫶🏼

Jennifer D
So far so good

Used antibiotic II for a pet rooster with bumble foot. 10 days of only this and his foot pads have decreased in size a lot. He’s been suffering for months with no real improvements. I’d give it a 5 star if he heals completely! Fingers crossed.

Great product

Purchased for a chicken with a staph infection. Had to turn it into a paste with regular feed and blue berries for her to eat. Gradually removed feed and blueberries. Seemed to work for our girl.

Brandon N.
Fantastic Customer Service

I placed an order for 1lb orange flakes with a plea for them to be shipped ASAP as I was trying to save a chicken with bumble foot for whom all other treatments had failed. I paid for next day air shipping and Angels Plus had the shipment out the door that afternoon and at my house by 11am the next day. Sadly, I can't attest to how well the flake may have worked because the chicken's illness was very advanced and she passed an hour before the product arrived. However, based on testimonials from others, I am glad to have them on hand in case I ever have another afflicted chicken so that we can start antibiotic treatment much earlier in the process. Thanks Angels Plus for the great customer service!

Ladeana W.
Antibiotic flakes-1 & 2

Ordered and arrived very timely. Great fast service! Huge amt of food for the money! I treated my community tank with this food, following instructions. It only took a day off regular food for the flakes to become devoured by all. I followed instructions on this website. Fish are doing better than before this regiment but, due to my neglecting to catch infection in one fish it had spread to several others. All my research points to columnaris, hope I’m wrong. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to retreat for another round but giving a week off antibiotic flakes first. Issue is I have a heavily planted 55 gal tank and am reluctant to treat with meds and salt added to the water. Tank has red cherry shrimp, tetras, Cory cats, otos, gourami and pleco. So far only the tetras are affected and I may have to remove them to hospital tank. I decided to treat water column with pimafix & melafix, 3 days now. Hoping it helps the others not affected.
*I do wonder, since I have the flakes on hand now. How to keep them long term since they’ve been opened. Expiration date, storage, etc.*