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Do you have a general question about fish,  fish husbandry or maybe a disease problem and no one seems to be able to help? Well, maybe we can. We get dozens of questions each day about fish, but unfortunately, we'd be out of business if we took the time to answer these at no charge. So, if you're stuck and you want to talk to an expert, then Steve will give you his undivided attention to answer your questions to the best of his ability. Steve has over 45 years of intensive experience keeping and breeding many fish species in our 400+ aquariums.  He has extensive experience in treating sick fish, correct quarantine setups, disease diagnosis, breeding problems, filtration, hatchery design, genetics - especially angelfish genetics and many other areas.

Consulting Fee: $15 buys you 20 minutes of consultation phone time.  Buy as many 20 minute increments as you like.  Any unused time can be refunded.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Misuraco

Knowledgeable and very helpful

M. Martin
Worth it!!

Steve was very, very helpful! Full of knowledge and willing to give advice. This was not the first time that I have consulted with Steve. There has been quite a few times that I wanted and needed his perspective. Every time has been absolutely fabulous!! Thanks again, Steve!!!

Invaluable resource

In a time when amateurish misinformation lurks on nearly every forum page, Steve's lifetime of application-specific knowledge is an invaluable resource to those looking for real knowledge. There is no substitute for information from someone who is a seasoned professional, and the opportunity to get one on one advice is worth every penny.

Roberta Rich
Encouraging spawning in mature Angel pair.

Still no eggs but this isn’t Steve’s fault. He had a number of good suggestion.

Invaluable, Expert Advice

Steve's wealth of knowledge on all subjects related to fish care is truly amazing. With years of fish experience, Steve can offer advice and support on whatever questions you might have. Highly recommend giving him a call and getting his expert advice.