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Do you have a general question about fish,  fish husbandry or maybe a disease problem and no one seems to be able to help? Well, maybe we can. We get dozens of questions each day about fish, but unfortunately, we'd be out of business if we took the time to answer these at no charge. So, if you're stuck and you want to talk to an expert, then Steve will give you his undivided attention to answer your questions to the best of his ability. Steve has over 45 years of intensive experience keeping and breeding many fish species in our 400+ aquariums.  He has extensive experience in treating sick fish, correct quarantine setups, disease diagnosis, breeding problems, filtration, hatchery design, genetics - especially angelfish genetics and many other areas.

Consulting Fee: $15 buys you 20 minutes of consultation phone time.  Buy as many 20 minute increments as you like.  Any unused time can be refunded.

Life is too short to live without the Consultation - 20 minutes phone time. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Pfister
Great Consult

Steve was very helpful and informative with our consultation. He was generous with information and answered all of our questions. He rescheduled for us and was delightful providing insight.

Rea G Kowalski
Well worth the time for aspiring breeders.

I very much enjoyed speaking with Steve regarding my various home breeding projects and some of the challenges that I'm working to overcome.

I've adjusted some of my tactics going forward with how I setup my breeding projects.

He also gave me confidence with purchasing one of his breeding pairs. And I'm looking forward to raising the fry and carrying on the tradition.

Thanks Steve 😊

Michael Vera
Phone Consultation Recommended

Forget anything you've learned at a pet franchise, and be ready to take notes!

Please realize, this gives you access to someone with around 40 years experience raising and breeding angelfish. If there weren't a reasonable fee for phone consultation, people would have unrealistic expectations about how much time is available for phone support, along with operating all the other parts of a business.

After purchase of a Phone Consultation, however, it would be nice to know what the "Next Steps" are, even if it's just "Wait for an email from us in the next hours/days..."

Rob J
Great Phone Consultation

The phone consultation was great. Very informative and all my questions were answered. Steve knows his stuff and is willing to share it. Totally worth it!
Thank you!


Steve was very nice & I appreciated the quick response.