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Fish Flake Food - Breeders Blend

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Breeders Blend: We took our best premium fish flake breeding formulas and combined them into Breeders Blend Flake. It incorporates the benefits of our Brine Shrimp, Ultra Color, Spirulina, and Egg Fish Flakes to keep your fish spawning strongly and looking great! You get four amazing fish flakes in one superior mix! No Preservatives.

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. "Bulk" - means it is packed in a clear plastic bag. 

The Fish Flake Food - Breeders Blend destined to impress, and priced at only $4.75.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 18, 2024

Customer Reviews

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Martin Cohen

Just started using your fish foods under advise of my club fish friends in hopes that it would keep the water at safe PH levels. So far fish like it and appear to look forward to feeding time. Have had no success in keeping PH from quickly turning acid. Hope this food will be the answer.

Daniel Herrera

My fish love it.

Robert Copp
breeders blend flakes

thought I would give these a try, fish seem to enjoy and nice big flakes. Feeding to all 30 of my tanks!

Breeders Blend

My fish love it.

Michael Guilfoyle
Flakes for everyone

These are my favorite flakes to feed across the board. Angels, shrimp, guppies, cichlids, rice fish, swordtails, killi fish. They all do well on this.