Why Choose Angels Plus for your Aquarium Fish...

Disease-free fish: It is virtually impossible to buy an angelfish, or most any other aquarium fish, without bringing in a disease organism or two (and possibly many more). Sometimes it's a virulent pathogen that attacks many of your fish at once. Most often, it's a parasite that only attacks weakened fish, one or two at a time, but always there and always waiting for a stressed fish to attack.

Our hatcheries are quarantined unlike any other in this country. No new fish, plant or other aquatic organism comes directly into our hatchery - not even breeding pairs. The breeding pairs are in their quarantined hatchery and only the eggs are transferred to the main hatchery after going through a unique sterilization process. In this way we can offer pathogen-free fish with confidence. This assures that you receive young fish that have never been exposed to any virulent pathogen or fish parasite. We are unlike any other hatchery we are aware of in this regard.

Until you've kept and raised fish that come from a completely disease-free hatchery, you don't know what you're missing! The difference is spectacular. Our fish grow faster than any others, they eat more vigorously than fish that have been exposed to pathogens and are always active. The results are fish with better color, straighter, longer fins and breeders that produce greater numbers of fry.

Our hatchery has no flagellates (hexamita, spironeucleus and many others),  no parasitic worms, no virulent bacteria or devastating viruses. Some (many whose fish carry diseases) think that you should expose your fish to these various pathogens so your fish can develop immunity. We say, good luck with that. We experienced that for the first 25 years of keeping fish. The last 15 years of a completely "clean" hatchery has convinced us otherwise.  Most of these diseases will either kill, stunt or deform your fish while they're supposedly developing immunity. The object is to keep these deadly critters away as long as humanly possible. You want them eating and growing to their maximum without these problems to contend with.

The Best Quarantine Procedures: With any incoming future breeding stock, we check for parasites, flagellates or virulent bacteria. This testing and treatment process takes anywhere from 3-6 months. Only after going through this with no evidence of pathogens, do we bring the stock into our quarantined breeding room. Even after all this, none of these fish ever enter the main hatchery. Healthy stock can make all the difference in the world between success and failure when keeping and breeding fish. It's not uncommon for a hobbyist or even a large breeding operation to be wiped out overnight by a virulent pathogen. We've gone to great effort to make sure you can be absolutely certain that no pathogens will be introduced with our stock.

The Best Selection Process: Our fish are better looking and they are also genetically more vigorous. It takes a fairly large hatchery to make sure fish are not only beautiful but that they carry the other important traits like fast growth, prolific breeding, strong immune systems and proper fish behavior. We usually have over 100 tanks devoted to a single strain to accomplish this. With our Koi, it's closer to 200 tanks. It's not too difficult to pick out the 12 best looking fish and breed them. However, what are the odds that those 12 contain the greatest breeding potential, the most suitable temperaments and the strongest immune systems? About zero! That is why we grow up hundreds of our best-looking fish to adult size and then select for all the other extremely important traits.

The Most Experienced: We've shipped well over 200,000 bags of fish all over the country with an extraordinarily high rate of live delivery and customer satisfaction. Shipping live animals is very risky and requires specialized knowledge. We not only have the knowledge and experience, but we assume responsibility if the fish die in transit due to no fault of the customer when shipped by an Overnight service. How much is peace-of-mind worth?