Prevent & Recover Flake

When fed periodically, this specially developed flake can help improve the immune system of your fish to prevent common problems. When fish diseases arise, it's also a great recovery aid following treatment with our medicated fish flakes.

It contains the breakthrough ingredient, Beta Glucan.  Do an internet search if you want to learn details of this incredible substance, but in essence it will increase the efficacy of other substances like antibiotics, vitamins and various fish treatments by boosting the immune response. In other words, sick fish become well faster and medications work more effectively. Besides, stressed fish are less likely to become sick.

There has been substantial research into beta glucan and it has been found that too little does nothing and too much loses its effectiveness. It should not be fed as a staple on a daily basis. Some manufacturers are adding it to all their fish foods. Do not purchase these foods to feed daily. If you do, it won't work when you really need it. It should only be fed during periods of stress or when medicating your fish. It is also important that the dose is correct in the food formula for it to work. We've dosed ours to meet the best of current research recommendations and will adjust it if needed as we test it. The good news is that it does no harm in high doses, it just doesn't give the benefits it would in the proper dose.

Some quotes from the research:

"The presence of a particulate activator can rapidly initiate assembly and amplification of a host defense system involving humoral and cellular interactions with B-glucans. Animals pretreated with purified glucan particles are subsequently more resistant to bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoan challenge, reject antigenically incompatible grafts more rapidly and produce higher titers of serum antibodies to specific antigens. Administration of glucan particles stimulates the proliferation of macrophages and increases in phagocytic and secretory activities of macrophages. A cascade of interactions and reactions initiated by macrophage regulatory factors can be envisioned to occur and to eventuate in the conversion of the glucan-treated host to an arsenal of defense" ...Harvard Medical School.

"Beta Glucan has been shown to enhance the envelopment and digestion (phagocytosis) of pathogenic microorganisms that cause infectious disease. The Beta-1,3/1,6 glucans additionally enhance the ability of macrophages, one of the most important cells in the immune system, to kill tumor cells. Laboratory studies have revealed the new MG Glucan is significantly effective at activating macrophages, and via the macrophages, the entire immune cascade including T-Cells and B-Cells." ...University of Nevada School of Medicine.

We've made our Prevent & Recover Fish Flake using our super Vitamin Flake formula with a few additions including garlic, and then enhanced it with the proper amount of beta glucan, which is an ideal way to feed your fish during any stress period.