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Fish Bags

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We have used these to ship tens of thousands of orders containing our valuable fish. Bag failures due to manufacturing defects are rare with the high quality construction of these fish bags. 2 mil is usually adequate for small fish and those without spines. The 3 mil offer extra insurance against punctures and the 4 mil are the best for valuable fish, large fish and those with stiff fin spines that tend to puncture bags.


On the fence about this Fish Bags? Don't be. Rest assured that your satisfaction is our first goal.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Customer Reviews

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Jim Stevens
Great small business

Fast shipping and always top quality at a reasonable price

Ryan Lundy
Top notch quality bags

These are really nice bags! Very economical and of high quality. I have not had one single bag leak yet. Will definitely purchase more.

Kenny Morris
Fish bags

These are very nice heavy duty bags I’ve never had any complaints of leaks or blowouts while shipping or bagging my fish. A very fair price for the quality. Would definitely order again.

james martuscelli

These bags have been perfect I move a lot of fish and ordered over 300 bags. I understand sometimes they tear or have a rip, haven’t found one yet and I’m probably half way through this order amazing.

Gerald Filipiak
Fish Bags

The bags that I buy from Angels Plus have never had a failure.