Anubias nana aquarium plant

Aquatic Plant - Anubias nana

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Please choose a shipping method that will get these to you within 2-3 days.  We will refund any plants that are DOA, but we will not refund any shipping costs. Priority Mail is NOT going to get them to you within 2-3 days reliably. 

Anubias nana: It is a slow-growing plant, but very hardy and absolutely beautiful. It also does very well in bare-bottom tanks. Wedge it under some driftwood or a sponge filter and it will do great. The young rhizome we send will contain approximately 15 leaves.

  • "Caution, PLEASE READ":  Generally they ship well in temps between 20 F and 90 F (your temps and ours).
  • We ship plants Mon-Wed. Orders that arrive after 8 AM est, will not ship until the following business day.
  • Preferably, have them sent to a place where they will not sit in the sun or freezing temps. PO Boxes are good. Business addresses are good. Mailboxes outside are not a good idea unless you're sure to get them out right away. If they sit in the sun for a long time, they can get too hot.
  • We have ramshorn and apple snails in all our tanks, and there may be snails or their eggs on the plants when you receive them.
  • There is a small handling charge added to all orders with live items. This is because of the greater time spent packaging and the cost of insulation, heat packs if needed and the fact that the carriers do not insure anything live that is lost or damaged in transit. 
Life is too short to live without the Aquatic Plant - Anubias nana. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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Very nice plants and good price


Very healthy plant! Happy with this purchase. :)

Kristi B.
Great quality!

Fast shipping and plants were in excellent condition. Highly recommend.

herb kolbe

arrived in nice shape nice growth and color

Roger Ritzman
Great Value

Angels Plus never disappoints!! Anubias packed as carefully and as well as their fish. Plants healthy and excellent size for the price. As always very happy with my purchases..