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Micro Feed is for small fry that cannot yet eat baby brine shrimp or as a supplement for those who can. High in protein and fat that fry must have. 100-150 microns. Micro-encapsulated, so it does not decay as fast as other powdered foods. Min Protein 52%; Min Fat 15%

• Increased nutrient density reduces the required quantity of feed.
• Semi-buoyant microparticles (slow-sinking).
• Increases survival and decreases stress in fry rearing.
• Contains Vpak to support animal health and disease resistance.
• Supports faster growth with high protein and high fat content.
• Ingredients are highly attractable and digestible.
• Highly stable in water.
• A naturally colored diet.

The Fry Food - Micro Feed destined to impress, and priced at only $6.75.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 13, 2024

Customer Reviews

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Greg Wilkes
Micro Feed Review

My fry love this food. I mainly use freshly hatched shrimp, however I like to use the micro feed intermittently at times and especially if I don't have much freshly hatched shrimp available. Delivery was very fast also.

Jackie Meyer
Fry food

I am new to breeding..wasn't expecting it in community tank. Angels laying eggs every couple of weeks. Got this food and the fry seem to be thriving. They love this and now frozen baby brine shrimp.
Angel plus has been a great help with this adventure 🐠