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Fish Flakes: Antibiotic

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Antibiotic I: Designed to primarily stop infections from gram-negative bacteria. We use our Freshwater Fish Flake Food for the base formula on this flake. It has added garlic.  Feed this medicated fish food exclusively for 10 days.

Active ingredient: Kana mycin Sulfate. Now contains beta-glucan. It is water-soluble, so the Proper Feeding of Medi-cated Fish Food is a must-read. We recommend feeding our Prevent & Recover Fish Flake for 1 week after the medicated feeding is discontinued. For ornamental fish use only.

Antibiotic II: To complement our other antibiotic flake, this one attacks gram-positive bacteria. Since your nitrifying bacteria are also gram-positive, using medicated fish flake food is by far the best way to combat this type of bacteria. Feed this fish food exclusively for 10 days.

Active ingredient: Oxy tetracycline Hydro chloride. Also containing beta glucan for immune boosting. This is water-soluble, so the Proper Feeding of Medicated Fish Food is a must (See Article section of Tabs).  We recommend feeding our Prevent & Recover Flake for 1 week after the medicated feeding is discontinued. For ornamental fish use only.

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great alternative resource for duck owners.

Used to treat my duck for bumblefoot. It’s far less traumatic for the duck than shoving a syringe down the throat if they will eat it. It’s nice to have another weapon in your duck first aid kit.

Very happy

I got this for my chicken for a severe case of bumble foot. It helped momentarily, but I think I still have to do surgery and drain it. I had to resort to syringe feeding it to her because she refused to eat it. (My chickens are super spoiled.)
After a few days of force feeding I noticed a slight difference, but the foot is still swollen with puss. I will continue force feeding for the remainder of the ten days and see where I should go from there. This product probably saved her life. I didn't know where to turn to until I found this on your daughters blog. Thank her for me. :)

Joanie Halen

I ordered this by your daughter’s suggestion for my duck’s bumble foot!
It worked miracles! She LOVED the flakes and her foot healed within 10 days! Such a relief!

Paul Pearson
Works well

My Angels developed hemorrhagic septicemia. This medicated flake helped. It's too early to tell if they are cured or not, but they appear improved. The fish did not relish it, but with time they ate it well. Ammonia level remained at zero for the whole ten day course. I was concerned that dumping an alternative, powdered medication in the water would destroy my biologic filter. While that could have been managed with Prime, daily water changes, it would stress the fish more. They don't need more stress when they are ill.

Thomas Gemma

I noticed a minimal amount of fin rot all fish were eating well. Aquarium was well planted rater than treating with medication added to water decided to order medicated food. Fish accepted food and started the recommended 10 day instruction. Today is the last day of treatment amazed at results all fin rot has improved and all fish are more active and seem much healthier. Looking forward to starting prevent and recover course on Tuesday. My suggestion if you notice a problem and fish are eating medicated food is the way to go. Thanks