Primal Pellet Stage 1
Hi-Color Primal Pellet 0.5mm
Hi-Color Primal Pellet 1.5mm
Primal Pellet 1.5mm
Primal Pellet Stage 2
Primal Pellet Stage 3

Pellet - Primal Pellet Fish Food

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Don't let the name fool you. We feed the Primal Pellets to all our fish, young and old. That's how valuable we think this fish food is. Our Primal Pellets are super-premium, slow-sinking fish foods. They provide outstanding nutrition for juvenile fish in need of high protein and fat levels. We feed our Primal Pellet fish food to our adult angels, discus, guppies, and catfish. They all love it! This is arguably the "best value" tropical fish food on the market! You can't buy more nutrition for your dollar! It even has substantial color enhancing properties.

The Hi-Color Primal is especially good at putting color on fish!

Stage 1: Crumble  0.4 -0.5mm
Stage 2: Crumble  0.6 -0.9mm
Stage 3: Crumble  0.9 -1.2mm
1.5mm:  Extruded Pellet
Hi-Color 0.5mm:  Extruded pellet
Hi-Color 1.5mm:  Extruded pellet

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. "Bulk" - means it is packed in a clear plastic bag. 


Analysis: Min. Protein - 55%, Min. Fat - 15%, Max. Fiber - 2% Fish Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Fish Oil, Soybean Meal, Blood Meal, Wheat Flour, Cereal Food Fines, Liquid Fish Solubles, Brewers Yeast, Soy Lecithin, Yeast Culture, Vitamin and minerals, Ethoxyquin (preservative), Canthaxanthin (color enhancing)

Analysis for Hi-Color Primal Pellet:  Min. Protein - 48%, Min. Fat - 10%, Max. Fiber - 2% Fish Meal, Soy Protein Concentrate,Wheat Flour, Corn Gluten Meal, Fish Oil, Soy Lecithin, L-Lvsine, Krill Meal, Dried Spirulina, Xanthophvil, Carotene,Vitamin D, Astaxanthin, Vitamin and minerals, dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E)

Customer Reviews

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Not impressed

I purchased 8 oz high color 0.5. Fish didn’t go for it. I’ve been feeding them flakes and they love them. Maybe a larger size would be easier for them to see

Primal pellet 0.5mm Hi-Color

Excellent source of nutrition for all my young fish. I’ve been feeding my guppy fry this primal pellet 0.5 mm Hi-Color. They are growing very fast.
Oh, they were Angels Plus guppy’s I got the fry from! My Rams like this pellet food too!

Primal Pellet #3

My cats(fish) just love this food. One problem that I have is that some of my Rainbows also learned to eat this and beat the Corys to it. I've been using this for years now and do not plan on changing to any other fish food any time soon.


My fish love this fish food and I am definitely buying more. Since eating this food, my fish have become more colorful also. Food was delivered very quickly also. Thumbs up!

Awesome Pellet food

I have been using the Primal Pellets for about a year now and everything i feed it too absolutely love it with no waste left behind .