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Foam Pad: These are Pro-Level Reticulated Foam - same as our sponge filters. They have all kinds of uses in a fish room. These are irregular sizes of both 30ppi and 15ppi foam and will not scratch glass. They are at least 3" x 4" in size and approximately 1/2" thick on average, with larger ones mixed in. We are selling these at lower than our cost because they are leftover cut-offs. Many uses, like cutting them to fit box filters or outside power filters. Each pack will have 100 cu/in of foam or more.

Foam Media: This product is the excess media from our sponge filter manufacturing process. It consists of small cylinders and cubes. We sell it below cost, which is a great deal for those who can use it. It's ideal for placing in canister filters, outside power filter boxes, box filters, and bio towers. It is very porous with tons of surface area, creating an idea media for culturing beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Each package contains a minimum of 230 cubic inches of Reticulated Foam Bio Media (this amount fills a 1 gallon jar). We sell this at below cost.

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Inventory Last Updated: Apr 21, 2024

Customer Reviews

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Greg Wilkes
Foam pieces

I love to use these foam pieces for cleaning my tanks. I buy these quite often.

Aleksandr Sukhitskiy
Good product

I am satisfied with product. All as expected. Suggestion: it would be helpful to specify pads dimensions.