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Filter: Whole-tank Foam Filter (Hamburg Matten Filter)

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Made from our Pro-Level Reticulated Foam, specifically suited for colonizing nitrifying bacteria at the highest levels in your aquarium. The below video was taken 10 years ago and shows a 40-gallon tank with three 5" cube filters keeping over 100 adult angelfish in great condition. Those same 3 filters are still in use, in that tank today. Now that is an example of filter foam at its finest! (sorry about the video quality, but that was our video technology back then). 

Our filter foam is waterproof and is made without any fire retardants, mildewcides or any other harmful chemicals. It is 100% fish-safe. It is also the most durable, highest surface area foam that you can get. We have been personally using this exact foam in our professional fish hatcheries for over 40 years. In fact, some of our original filters are still in use! As an added benefit, it is made right here, in the U.S.

We will custom-cut the length or width of any piece to the size you want and send any leftover cut-offs along with the order, but you have to order an in-stock size.

Shipping: These will be rolled, folded or squeezed to a smaller size to avoid extreme dimensional weight charges by the carrier. They will rebound to their original shape after a day or so of being unpacked. Please Do NOT order by any Next Day, 2nd Day or 3-day services. The overcharge dimensional weight is not accurate in the shopping cart and you will owe more money to ship by those methods. Priority and Standard are the only options that the cart will be correct on. 

The Filter: Whole-tank Foam Filter (Hamburg Matten Filter) destined to impress, and priced at only $11.95.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 13, 2024

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
M. Ortiz
1000 uses

I use these as filters, dividers, extra media....excellent foam at a reasonable price

J Roger Ritzman
Excellent filters

Very pleased with my Matten Filters on both my 20 gallon long Neocardina tanks.

Whole Tank Filters

These foam filters are great. I have numerous 75 gallon tanks using these for hatching and rearing fry. Nothing beats it. Highly recommended.

Ronald kozlowski
matten filters

I love using these filters,they hold alot of good bateria and keep my 75 gallon planted tank very clean.I also cut small slits in it to attach anubias plants to it .

Michael Guilfoyle

This was my second matten filter from Angels plus. Really like the fit and function of these filters.Using a pump to pull water through and then pumping it through hoses to far side of the 55 gallon tank for a hillstream tank.