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Medicated Antibiotic Fish Flake Food

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Antibiotic I: Designed to primarily stop infections from gram-negative bacteria. We use our Freshwater Fish Flake Food for the base formula on this flake. It has added garlic.  Feed this medicated fish food exclusively for 10 days.

Active ingredient: Kana mycin Sulfate. Now contains beta glucan. It is water soluble, so the the Proper Feeding of Medicated Fish Food is a must. We recommend feeding our Prevent & Recover Fish Flake for 1 week after the medicated feeding is discontinued. For ornamental fish use only.

Antibiotic II: To compliment our other antibiotic flake, this one attacks gram-positive bacteria. Since your nitrifying bacteria are also gram-positive, using medicated fish flake food is by far the best way to combat this type of bacteria. Feed this fish food exclusively for 10 days.

Active ingredient: Oxy tetracycline Hydro chloride. Also with beta glucan for immune boosting. This is water soluble, so the Proper Feeding of Medicated Fish Food is a must (See Article section of Tabs).  We recommend feeding our Prevent & Recover Flake for 1 week after the medicated feeding is discontinued. For ornamental fish use only.

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. 

Customer Reviews

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large koi in outdoor pond

A month ago I had my pond completely redone. My koi were put in an irrigated tank for most of the day which was very stressful for them. I noticed several of my large koi starting to develop some pinkish skin areas, probably wounds, so I had to do something fast so they wouldn't get infected. Found this food and purchased both the orange and the red and fed in equal amounts. The fish are looking and doing much better. The flakes are huge so it was great for my large koi.

Seems to be working

Fish seem to be doing better with the medicated food. Thanks, Angels Plus.

great food

My Rainbow fish were having fungal issues. I used antibiotics and this food and they recovered very quickly. The fish loved the food


Works well

2 foods not previously tried

Feeding the medicated food to 2 tanks of angels. Not sure what I think. Took 3 days for them to eat any and after 5 days, eating half of what they would normally consume. I'm a breeder and had several unexplained losses so using this just in case I'm missing something.
I have 3 tanks of pleco juvi's and fry. I purchased and tried the vegetable discs along with the BBS (fry only) zuchini and bean diet they are on. I've observed them rushing to the pellets, eating for and hour and discarding them. Uneaten pellets triple in size and then float after a number of hours. Jury still out on this food but not looking real good.