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Fish Flakes: Anti-Proto-zoan

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Anti-proto-zoan: This is for the treatment of fish protozoans like Hexamita and Spironucleus. Our Freshwater Fish Flake is now used to make up the base formula for this flake. Fish that have been infected by protozoans have generally lost weight and are in need of extra protein during their recovery period. It is most effective when combined with a heat treatment. Feed twice a day for six consecutive days. Feed no other food during this time.

Active ingredient: metro. Also contains beta glucan for immune boosting. Metro is water-soluble, so reading the Proper Feeding of Medi-cated Fish Food is a must. We recommend feeding our Prevent & Recover Flake for 1 week after the medicated feeding is discontinued. For ornamental fish use only. Keep a supply of medicated flakes in your fridge or freezer for those times when disease unexpectedly arises. Better safe than sorry!

Packed in a Black Foil zip-lock bag, which will keep your food fresher for a longer time. 

The Fish Flakes: Anti-Proto-zoan was produced with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy.

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Customer Reviews

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Krystal Morrow
Worked when nothing else did

Camallanus worms took out half my 110g tank. I tried 4 products prior to this and had minimal luck. Fenbendazole mixed with their food, water, and a binder finally made a small dent; but this stuff completely knocked them out.
I did have to use it for longer than recommended- 10 days. Not sure if that was due to how bad the infestation was or if the worms in my tank are medication resistant. Either way it worked! My more severely infected rainbows, though very thin, are back to flashing colors and vigorously swimming around. I thought they were goners!!!
Thank you for saving my fish and my sanity! I will be buying all my fish food from you guys in the future!!!!

We are happy to hear that this worked. Thanks for sharing this because I've never known anyone to eradicate camallanus with metro. Nice to know that this is an option. If
the worms reappear within a few weeks, please let us know.

Joseph Grimm
The Best!

Found this through researching about ick and options for treatment. I have a planted aquarium with a lot of fish so dumping a bunch of chemicals wasn’t an option. I followed the directions and by the 6th day it was gone! I followed up with Prevent and Recover flakes and now my fish are in perfect health.

Mark Nealen
Peace of mind

I feed this and the dewormer to all my new fish in quarantine followed by the prevent and cure.

Only wish some of it was available in stick or pellet form.

Rick Schillinger
Medicated Flake Food

Thanks Steve! I was amazed at large amount of Medicated Flake Food was in the package! The fish love it too!

Tim Anderson
great product great service

I've been using Steve's products for many years. always great results with great quality products.