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Angelfish Breeding Slate and Breeding Cones

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The Angelfish Fish Breeding Slates come with a suction cup that is placed on the tank bottom to help keep the slate from being knocked over. It is 11.5" x 2.75" . This is an all-natural quarried slate that has been proven to be very effective and desirable to several types of breeding cichlids, not just breeding angelfish pairs.  They are very convenient when hatching the eggs artificially.

The Fish Breeding Cone is 9" high and suitable for many cichlids. If you want something that won't tip over easily, this is it. These will fit inverted onto a wide-mouth glass jar with the base sitting on the top of the jar. Many like the fact that they can artificially hatch in a one-gallon jar using this cone. If you prefer to let your pairs raise their own fry, then these are the best option out there.

The Angelfish Breeding Slate and Breeding Cones destined to impress, and priced at only $0.45.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Customer Reviews

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Eunice Schriever
Breeding Slate

Exactly what I wanted

Jeff Williams
Angel slate

I needed this with six different pairs of angels spawning all the time. They are the perfect length in my 125’s. Thanks so much have more pairs coming up and I will need more

Skip Waskowiak

Great Item and well made. ALSO FAST SHIPPING

Kenny Morris
Very nice slate

Very good quality a really nice price and as always fast shipping with no damage. I don’t think you could do it yourself for less money. I will buy again.

M. Martin
Great slates!

Again, another great purchase from Steve! We have bought many slates through the years from angelsplus and never have had a bad experience. Great service and the slates work perfectly.! The absolute best for angel spawns! Thanks!!