Super Red Bristlenose Ancistrus

Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose Large Super Red Bristlenose
  Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose Juvenile Super Red Bristlenose
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  1.5-2" Longfin Super Red Bristlenose - (Not sexable, very limited number)  $39.75

These are a nice orange pleco (I have no idea how someone ever named them "super red", but they did and it stuck). Even so, they are distinctly better colored than Albino types. These do tend to get a bit of brown speckling creeping in as they get older.  Super Reds grow quite slowly, so it takes a bit more time to get them to selling size.   If you cross a longfin with a standard you will potentially get50% longfin in the offspring.

Super Red Pairs

Super Red Bristlenose Breeders
Super Red Breeders

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Super Red Bristlenose Pair - std fin  $59.95

You will receive one male and one female. They may have not actually bred with each other, but with bristlenose, any male will accept any female.

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These are cave-spawners. If given a tank to themselves and ample food, they are fairly easy to breed. Males can be aggressive towards each other, so one breeding pair per tank is best. They are not vegetarians. They are omnivorous and need plenty of protein in their diet. We start them on algae wafers and our Fry Starter formulas. They also love to chew on driftwood, making it a good idea to include some in their tank.

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