Java Moss Aquarium Plant
Java Moss

Aquatic Plant - Java Moss

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Java Moss : Very hardy and will grow in almost any light.  Great cover for fry or shrimp tanks.  It looks great in a tank when growing for awhile, but keep in mind that when shipping, it gets matted down and looks like a lot less than how it appeared in the tank. We are sending a "starter clump", similar in size to the photo with the quarter. It will appear much larger once in water fro a few days. 

  • "Caution, PLEASE READ":  Generally they ship well in temps between 20 F and 90 F (your temps and ours).
  • Choose an appropriate shipping method when ordering. Priority Mail is generally faster. Do not order with Ground shipping if you are more than 500 miles from us.
  • Orders that arrive after 8 AM est, will not ship until the following business day.
  • Preferably, have them sent to a place where they will not sit in the sun or freezing temps. PO Boxes are good. Business addresses are good. Mailboxes outside are not a good idea unless you're sure to get them out right away. If they sit in the sun for a long time, they they can get too hot.
  • We have ramshorn and apple snails in all our tanks, and there will likely be snails or their eggs on the plants when you receive them.