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This fee is to cover the cost of insulation and heat packs needed to ship live plants or snails during cold weather. 

This has to be added only once to an order that contains plants or snails. If it's not added, the items will not be shipped.
The Cold Weather Shipping Charge destined to impress, and priced at only $5.00.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 30, 2020

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Wonderful Purple Mystery Snails

i Ordered Purple Mystery Snails and when they arrived they were packaged very well no problem in shipping all were alive and rearing to go. There were all different sizes a good mixture. Since putting them in the tank they have been very active moving all over the tank and eating well. Thank You very much for such a beautiful addition to my aquarium family

plants arrived beautifully

The package was nicely sealed, plants arrived fine. The same day I also received , from another supplier, a shipment of amazon sword plants. the amazon sword plants were badly damaged.. Your cold pack is well worth the extra charge.Thanks again Richard Kriete

Absolutely Gorgeous, hungry huge purple 🐌

When they arrived they were moving in the bag, extremely beautiful in color. Once in the tank they took off immediately hungrily attacking the algae. The colors on both the light and dark purple are truly extraordinary. If you love purple, these are the best quality I’ve found anywhere!

Mystery snails and winter pack

I ordered snails and a winter pack to keep them warm. They arrived safe and alive. All lived and I even had a little tiny baby magenta and blue extra. Great packing!

Very Pleased

The snails I bought were beautiful and all arrived alive. The warm packet had lost the heat and the water the snails were in cold. I put all the snails in a container with a small heater and after warming up, they all started moving. Thank you.