Koi Angelfish Breeding pair #3037

Breeding Pair - Koi Angelfish #3037

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Koi Angelfish Breeding Pair #3037

One of the better pairs we've offered in quite awhile!

Our breeding pairs are young and are not sold until we get a high percentage of fertile eggs and free fry that swim vigorously. We can't guarantee your success, but we always make sure that the angelfish pair is a good one before we offer it for sale.

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Customer Reviews

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Great knowledge of Angelfish

I bought a pair of the beautiful Cory angel fish. When they arrived the mail was swimming on his side. I contacted Angel plus and he gave me some great information and needs to do and try to save the fish. It was amazing to me after four days of swimming on his side the fish came back upright and has fully recovered. I now have two spawns of fry from this pair. I cannot say enough about angel plus's knowledge of his fish. Thank you very much for your help.

A la cdmx

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