Koi Angelfish breeding pair 2307 male

Breeding Pair - Koi/Koi Pearl Angelfish #2307

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Koi Angelfish breeding pair #2307

This female is a veil pearlscale koi angelfish. This would be a good pair to develop your own koi pearls. It will take until the 2nd generation to produce pearls. They are selling for less money because the female is almost 2 years old, but she should have quite a few more spawns left in her. Most of my fish live to at least 8 yrs of age.  The male angelfish is a young fish of 11 months. 


Our angelfish breeding pairs are young and are not sold until we get a high percentage of fertile eggs and free fry that swim vigorously. We can't guarantee your success, but we always make sure that the pair is a good one before we offer it for sale.

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Inventory Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020

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Koi/Koi Pearl pair

Nice healthy fish. Spawned in the first week. Thanks again, Steve