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Designed to deliver high volume of steady airflow at low-pressure ranges, ALITA Linear Air Pumps are of high efficiency, low energy consumption and perform with low operation noise. With no sliding parts and oil-less components, ALITA air pump requires no lubrication and transfer air without any contamination.

Maximum Number of Outlets: Please realize this will vary in each situation.  Depth of the outlet greatly influences the output and  one person may prefer to use two or 3 times the amount of air per outlet than what is needed by another.   Airstones require more air than open airline.  That said, most people will be happy with 1 liter of air per minute per outlet at 1 psi.  Use can use the air pressure charts to estimate this for each pump.  If you run airstones, deeper tanks or like a ton of air coming out of each outlet, go up a pump size.  You can always bleed off any excess air.

AL-15A will usually run about 18 outlets at an average aquarium depth of 12-15"
AL-40 will usually run about 60 outlets at an average aquarium depth of 12-15"
AL-80 will usually run about 100 outlets at an average aquarium depth of 12-15"
AL-120 will usually run about 170 outlets at an average aquarium depth of 12-15"