Java Moss Aquarium Plant
Java Moss

Aquatic Plant - Java Moss

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Please choose a shipping method that will get these to you within 2 days.  We will refund any plants that are DOA, but we will not refund any shipping costs. Priority Mail is NOT reliably going to get to you within two days. 

Java Moss: Very hardy and will grow in almost any light.  Great cover for fry or shrimp tanks.  It looks great in a tank when growing for a while, but keep in mind that when shipping, it gets matted down and looks like a lot less than how it appeared in the tank. We are sending a "starter clump", similar in size to the photo with the quarter. It will appear much larger once in water for a few days. 

  • "Caution, PLEASE READ":  Generally they ship well in temps between 20 F and 90 F (your temps and ours).
  • Choose an appropriate shipping method when ordering. Priority Mail is generally faster. Do not order with Standard ground shipping if you are more than 500 miles from us.
  • We ship plants Mon-Wed. Orders that arrive after 8 AM est, will not ship until the following business day.
  • Preferably, have them sent to a place where they will not sit in the sun or freezing temps. PO Boxes are good. Business addresses are good. Mailboxes outside are not a good idea unless you're sure to get them out right away. If they sit in the sun for a long time, they can get too hot.
  • We have ramshorn and apple snails in all our tanks, and there will likely be snails or their eggs on the plants when you receive them.
  • We cannot ship these or any live items to Canada.
  • There is a small handling charge added to all orders with live items. This is because of the greater time spent packaging and the cost of insulation, heat packs if needed and the fact that the carriers do not insure anything live that is lost or damaged in transit. 

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Good value

I received this in great shape even though it was very cold out, and the amount was more than what is shown in the photo (thanks).