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Select Koi have no more than 20% white on them when we ship them. This can change while in your possession, since orange can fade under stress.

The first video below is a group of koi at 7 week old (dime size). They are a bit more intense at 9-10 weeks, which is when we start selling them.

The below video are 12 week old fish and are an example of a group that has turned out with color about as good as it gets at this point in their development.

This last video is an example of Medium size that have great color for this stage.

These are a hardy, colorful strain of Koi Angelfish

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  • Bred and raised in a 100% disease-free hatchery
  • Selectively bred in our hatcheries for over 40 years!
  • Meticulously culled so only the best shaped, fast growing fish are selected

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