Classic Koi Angelfish
Classic Koi Angelfish
Classic Koi Angelfish

Angelfish: Classic Koi

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Classic Koi Angelfish have no more than 70% white on them when we ship them. This can change while in your possession since orange can fade under stress. These are more tri-color than the Select Koi angelfish.  They have less orange and more white, with about the same average amount of black. 

The video below shows some juveniles and an adult for comparison. 

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  • Meticulously culled so only the best shaped, fast-growing fish are selected

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Angel fishes

    The delivery was a bit late compared to what was scheduled by UPS (8pm vs 9am). But all the fishes (6 angels & 5 guppies) are healthy and beautiful.
    Thank you Steve and the people at Angel Plus.

    Dimitri Naydich
    Classic Koi

    I bought 2 large Classic Koi angelfish. They arrived healthy and beautiful. That was my first fish purchase online and I was really impressed how well they were packed. They fish have adapted pretty well and look amazing in my tank. and Steve was very helpful to answer my questions.I'll definitely buy again from the angelsplus website.

    Alfred Guercio
    Classic Koi superveil

    I recently ordered 4 large Classic Koi Super Veil and they are all beautiful fish. All 4 Koi are healthy and hopefully I have a pair to breed. Steve was amazing and answered all my questions. I will definitely order more angels from Steve at Angel Plus!

    Classic Koi

    Great company to deal with and the fish were great looking. I am so impressed I am going to set up a second tank and re-order from them. You shouldn't buy your angelfish anywhere else. I also bough several one pound bags of there food. Very easy to deal with and I truy look forward to placing my next order!

    Martin Zimmermann
    Classic Koi

    Wonderful fish, great service. Fish are doing great. I ordered four and all fish are in great shape. I also ordered the Angels plus flakes, Antibiotics and some fry food in a separate order. I also got the activated sponge filters. Great idea and time saving when setting up a new tank. Just don’t open the sponges in a bucket close to your wife lol😃 I highly recommend buying your Angelfish from Angelfish Plus.