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The Fish Breeding Slates come with a suction cup that is placed on the tank bottom to help keep the slate from being knocked over. It is 11.5" x 2.75" . This is an all-natural quarried slate that has been proven to be very effective and desirable to several types of breeding cichlids, not just breeding angelfish pairs.  They are very convenient when hatching the eggs artificially.

The Fish Breeding Cone is 9" high and suitable for many cichlids. If you want something that won't tip over easily, this is it. These will fit inverted onto a wide-mouth glass jar with the base sitting on the top of the jar. Many like the fact that they can artificially hatch in a one-gallon jar using this cone. If you prefer to let your pairs raise their own fry, then these are the best option out there.

Customer Reviews

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steven allen

Good size. Good price will be buying more.

Greg Wilkes
Very happy!

Shipped very fast and my angels laid eggs on the slates within days.

Darryl Deyerle
Nice slates

Well, these are strips of slate. They seem to be of good quality. It’s a nice touch that a suction cup was included with each to prevent sliding. I put one in a tank with a pair that didn’t seem to want to breed and had eggs by the next afternoon. I can’t say it was the slate that made them breed, but it was the only thing different in the tank.’

Meg B
Breeding Cone and Slates

Yet again fast shipping, well packaged, no leakage of powder, no cracked slates or cone! You guys have this down to a science and I will be back! And of course will recommend you time and time again! Thanks perfect.

Joe M

JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!! FAST SHIPPING!! Quality Breeding Slate. For the price you can’t beat it! Thank you!!! A++