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Med: Malac hite Green Powder 100%

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This is effective against fungus of both fish and fish eggs. If used on eggs, only use for the first 24 hrs, then change water. It is also useful against parasites, such as gill flukes, ich and trichodina. It can be harsh on some sensitive fish like certain catfish. Use a lower dose on those. It combines well with formalin to make an even more effective medication. It does not affect nitrifying bacteria to any great amount. It is more harsh in low pH and low hardness. Best used with a GH of 100 or higher and in lower temperatures (70s).

Dose: To make stock solution, combine 15 grams of powder with one gallon of distilled water. Then use 1/4 tsp of stock solution to each 10 gallons of tank water. Use about half that on sensitive fish. Treat every other day for up to 10 days. Add the 15 grams to a gallon of 37% formaldehyde and you have your own concentrated stock solution of this very effective combination. For ornamental fish use only.