Fish food is one of those products that needs regular monitoring, research,careful thought and experimentation in regards to improving it.  We personally test new formulations on a continual basis. In fact, there is hardly a time when we aren’t evaluating at least one new formula. After accumulating the results of a lot of recent experimentation, we have decided now is a good time to upgrade our formulations and make changes to what we are now offering to our customers.

In some cases, it’s a small improvement to an existing recipe. Others are completely revolutionary in their makeup.  And a couple are simply a name change to better represent what we are offering. It will probably take us a week or two to get the website fully changed over to the new selection, but some are already up. You will see more changes over the next couple weeks and we didn’t want you to be caught off guard when looking for one you may have ordered in the past, but is not there now.  Some flake types will be dropped completely because they offered little over what another in our line already has.  Where we drop a flake type, we will recommend the improved version that replaces it.

Our main goal has been to develop flakes that fit into a “Wellness” program using holistic ingredients and supplements. For years, fish foods have been a combination of mostly proteins and fats with very little attention paid to the effects of various vitamins, minerals and hormone stimulating compounds.  Health is so much more than a few macronutrients and more research and attention needs to be paid to what makes up a diet that promotes complete health.  Our new “Black Label” line of flakes will be of the highest quality and found no where other than at Angels Plus.

We think these formulas, combined with our extreme care to provide the freshest possible food, will improve your chances of having vibrant, healthy, vigorous fish that breed readily and produce high quality young.

We look forward to any comments you may want to make.