What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

These videos will display the actual fish you will receive.

Group 11

WYSIWYG Koi Group 11

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Group 10

WYSIWYG Koi Group 10

sold 10/10

Group 9

WYSIWYG Sunset Group 9

sold 10/15

Group 6

WYSIWYG Koi Group 6

sold 9/25

Group 8

WYSIWYG Koi Group 8

sold 9/20

Group 7

WYSIWYG Koi Group 7

sold 9/9

Group 5

WYSIWYG Koi Group 5

sold 8/11

Group 4

WYSIWYG Koi Group 4

sold 8/2

Superveil Koi
Group 2

WYSIWYG Koi Group 1

sold 7/23

Group 3

WYSIWYG Koi Group 3

sold 7/17

Group 1

WYSIWYG Koi Group 1

sold 6/23

This page will display the actual fish you will receive.

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Dear Steve, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to bring in new blood to incorporate into my existing strains that doesn't require me to go through the whole gamut of heat and parasite treatments! These guys (WYSIWYG 10 Sunset Blushers) are very active, eat everything and are growing rapidly. Sincere,
John Holifield, Wed Nov 14, 2018
Hard to believe but the group you sent was better looking in person, than in your video, LOL. Thank you
Darwin Mosher, Sat Oct 06, 2018