Aquarium Airline and Tubing

Silicon Airline Tubing

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330' Won Silicone Airline Roll  $21.75
Won Silicone Airline By The Foot  $0.16 per foot

PenPlax Clear Vinyl Airline Tubing

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500' Penn Plax Clear Vinyl Airline Roll  $39.95
Penn Plax Clear Vinyl Airline By The Foot  $0.15 per foot

Super soft, high quality, long-lasting airline. When buying by the foot, just enter the total length you want in the box.

  Fish Room Tubing

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 One Foot 5/8" I.D. Tubing  $0.89
50 foot Roll 5/8" I.D. Tubing  $31.75
One Foot 3/4" I.D. Tubing  $1.09
50 foot Roll 3/4" I.D. Tubing  $41.75
One Foot 1" I.D. Tubing  $1.49
50 foot Roll 1" I.D. Tubing  $51.75

This siphon tubing is a very high quality vinyl without kinks. It can be used not only for siphons, but to connect pumps. It also makes a great flexible air system distribution hose if you want to make one without cutting and gluing PVC pipe.

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Clear polyvinyl Tubing

5/8 Tubing is 5/8" I.D. x 3/4 O.D.
3/4" Tubing is 3/4" I.D. x 1" O.D.

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The airline is extraordinary and very multi-purpose. I have used it in at least 7 occasions so far! Whether it is in a sponge filter, you are drip acclimating, simply providing extra air, or making microworm feeding stations, this tubing is there and helping out :D
Kyna Airriess, Sat Nov 23, 2013