Ivory Apple Snail

Ivory Apple Snails

Ivory tend to get a bit yellowish as they age. As the shell thickens, it tends to take on some of the carotenoid pigments from their food.

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Apple Snail - Pomacea diffusa (formally P. bridgesii), these beautiful snails now come in several color varieties. We will be adding more color varieties in the future. The only plant we've seen them eat is duckweed - which they love. A really big one will grow to about 2.25" in diameter. They lay their eggs in a cluster just above the water line, so it's easy to control them. Just remove the clusters or keep the water to the top of the tank. Dark Striped Purple (DSP) have a dark foot with purple shell and purple stripes. The Light Striped Purple (LSP) have a light foot with purple shell and purple stripes. The foot color affects the way the shell base color appears and the shade of the purple. There is a fair amount of variation among the adults. The ivory apple snail has a light foot in a clear shell. Keep in mind that shell color changes as they grow. As it grows, the shell becomes thicker and less translucent. The pigments often deepen and change in hue. Large adults tend to have less bright colors (though not always) and shells with more imperfections.

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Sent me 3 snails when I only ordered 2. Thought that was cool. All are doing well!
Jessica, Wed Nov 07, 2018
Thanks for sending the beautiful snails. I love the ivory ones.
Tammy Pierce, Mon Nov 05, 2018
My snail arrived perfectly healthy and ready to thrive! Ty!
Shirley Martin, Wed Oct 04, 2017
Arrived in perfect condition. They are great.
Pete Lowery, Tue Sep 19, 2017
My snails arrived in excellent condition. I love these white ones.
Tammy C, Wed May 17, 2017
These white ones are simply stunning! I had no idea snails could look so cool.
A Boyd, Thu Mar 13, 2014